About Us


To be a distribution centre of all fine foods worldwide


To provide value-added, fine ingredients and positive financial impact to our business partners

Our Company

Established in 2000, A-Mart Gourmet Ltd. (“A-Mart”) strives to search and import premium seafood as well as other fine foods from around the world for our local market and market in the Mainland whom are looking for food and ingredients with quality.  More importantly, we have carefully test and search for the most reliable food providers and processors at the product origins to provide foods that offer quality and stability with reasonable prices.  And we serve our local business partners with daily delivery service.

Our suppliers are located across the globe, while our clients are famous restaurants, hotels and catering groups with years of rapport in business.

About our local business, with a well-establish delivery system, we deliver orders made by supermarket chains, restaurants, schools and hotels everywhere in Hong Kong daily and efficiently.

A-Mart has been proactively developed its own brands and to become agent of some high quality products in the past years to provide its business partners suitable, stable, safe and sustainable ingredients and also to grow our businesses into a win-win situation.  Our own brand names such as Fancy Fish, Fancy Conch, Ba Hei(「八喜」), Belém 貝倫 and Yatai 屋台 which provide different kinds of products to suit clients’ needs.

And, to support the sustainability of the fishing industry, A-Mart also provides products with Marine Stewardship Certification (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Certification (ASC) and Friend of the Sea for clients’ selection.